Thursday, December 22, 2011

{ S } Family | Lakeland | Central Florida | Family Photographer

Meet the { S } family. I fell in love with this family as soon as i met them. The little ones were so full of energy and so silly which was right up my alley. Their session was full of silly faces, lots of laughter, and boy were we loud (all my lots of love which shines through in each of their photos. It was so nice to have finally met all of you and i hope you enjoy your sneak peek as much as i enjoyed taking them! xoxo~ aLi dawn










Saturday, October 15, 2011

{RockerGlam} Auburndale | Lakeland | Central Florida Editorial Photographer

This was such a fun shoot and i was lucky enough to be asked to help out and tag along and shoot! The set the mood everything about it was right up my alley. With that being said...i would like to extend a special "thank you" to Trenton Moore of Trenton Moore Photography for allowing me to tag along and lend a helping hand at his awesome and inspiring shoot!...thanks T ! You are an amazing photographer and a dear friend. Here's a few from the shoot....enjoy :).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

{ Baby "L" Turns One } Lakeland | Central Florida | Childrens Photographer

Sweet little L turns one...sweet is the perfect word to describe this little guy...he was so curious and always smiling and had a special little smile all his to where he would scrunch his little face up and grin from ear to was so infectious everytime he would do it he had us all in stitches...and boy oh boy did he love those balloons (he kept playing peek-a-boo with the balloons) oh and his cake....the moment was priceless when he realized he could have at it when it came to the special little birthday cake...his sweet little face says it all!

Monday, July 25, 2011

{Lindsey} Model | Lakeland | Polk City | Central Florida Photographer

We were fortunate enough to have some extra time and light to head on over to Miss L's family friend's ranch and shoot with some horses and cows...they were all beautiful...the location the animals and of course our lovely model!...and luckily we got a few shots in before the storm rolled in...the clouds were already crazy scarey dark...which i love by the way and would have been perfect in the first location...but i am delighted with what we were able to get before the horses got spooked from the weather. Lindsey is such a lovely girl inside and out and extremely patient and willing to roll with the punches. Thank you Miss were a rockstar as always

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{The Awesome Photographer...Jessica Charles} Lakeland | Clearwater | St. Petersburg | Florida Photographer

I am happy to introduce my friend and fellow photographer...Jessica Charles of Jessica Charles Photography out of Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Florida. Jessica messaged me one day and said she was revamping her website and asked if i would be willing to do a photo shoot with her and her husband for her new site. Of course i was like....are you kidding me....i would be delighted and as if that was even a question she had to is an uber talented wedding photographer from no other than New Orleans and she is now residing in St. Petersburg,Florida with her cutie of a husband. She has an amazing eye for detail and if you love vintage you will love her!

The light that evening was so yummy and dreamy...all the pinks and golden tones from the sun setting we couldn't have asked for better light!

Jessica i had so much fun with the two of you and i am so happy you asked me to grab a couple of shots for you guys....Here is a quick shot from that two are adorable in every way and it was my pleasure to have photographed my new friends...the two of you.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Little Miss {i}" | Lakeland | Central Florida | Baby and Family Photographer

This little girl was such a doll baby and so good and sweet and boy oh boy did she love her mama!...and her beautiful. This little one had me as soon as i saw her and she looked up at me with her BIG brown eyes and sweet smile and her cute little hot pink and black and white zebra print outfit. Being a mom to all boys it is indeed a treat for me to be surrounded by girly things like bows and tutu's and all that PINK! Thank you sweet little miss {i} it was indeed a pleasure to have met you and your mom!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

{DesireDesigns Shoot}| Venice Beach | Central and South Florida | Lakeland | Spring and Summer 2011 Catalog Shoot

Well this was a first for me...and believe me when i say i was nervous about doing it...actually that's an understatement. This has always been something i've wanted to try but the opportunity hadn't ever come up until this past spring when a friend of mine from high school contacted me out of the blue and said she was starting up her own design label and launching in April and wanted ME to be the photographer for well everything. I was flattered and terrified. If you know me i am quite the perfectionist and i would just die if i screwed this up for her....but she had the up most confidence in me and was dead set on it being me doing the shoot...again extremely flattered. It took me a while to decide but i decided that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and i knew i would be working with a great group of ladies and friends and knowing that we were all in good hands so with that decision and the lovely team of ladies it put me almost completely at ease....a little nerves i believe are a good thing in this business it pushes us to go further and try harder and overall achieve success. Which i believe we did indeed! To check out the items in the photos below and to view more lovely things in her store simply click on the link below and shop until your hearts won't be disappointed!

Thank you again to Tammy for believing in me and for asking me to be a part of this new and exciting adventure for you and thank you to our team...ladies we could not have done it without you! I love you all dearly!

....and now the link and a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer 2011 line:

Thank you to everyone that helped to make this possible.

Models : Marlo Kennedy Alleva, and Shanna Nicholes
Clothes & Accessories : Desire Designs (Tamara Moselle Walters)
Assistants : Lacey Schmick, Melissa Kham
Photographer: Ali Dawn Photography

{Oh Thank Heaven for 7~Eleven} when photogs get togther anything can happen...

"Oh Thank Heaven for 7~Eleven"

Me On the right and the ever so talented Ginger McCabe on the taken by the talented Trenton Moore...and yes we are in the middle of the 7-11...we were on our way home from having dinner with the lovely and very talented Desiree Hayes and thought "lets have some fun" are never too old to have fun and be silly!!!


Sunday, May 08, 2011

{ M } Family | Lakeland | Central Florida | Family Photographer

Meet The {M} family...and what a sweet family at that not to mention good looking! i had a blast chasing the 2 year old around and him chasing was such a little ham. His older sister had such a sweet spirit and loved picking all the flowers a girl after my own my heart...and then their sweet little baby sister...what a doll her face would light up everytime she would smile such a sweet soul she is. It was a pleasure capturing the love and joy they all had for one another. I hope you all enjoy a glimpse into our day :)...

{Baby "K" Neworn} Lakeland | Kississimmi | Central Florida | Newborn Photographer

Meet the sweetest little baby ever :)...Baby K was truly a treat and just look at his beautiful momma! Thank you for allowing me turn your house upside was a joy meeting you all and i look forward to watching baby K grow into the handosome little fella he already is!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

{Miss Lilly} Lakeland | Miami | Toddler / Children's Editorial Model Photographer

Meet Miss Lilly...Miami's newest toddler/children's model...yes you heard right. Miss Lilly is well on her way she has already done a shoot with target and is being featured and has been booked with some other well known children's clothing lines. I am so excited for Lilly i just LOVE her to pieces. Never a dull moment with Miss Lilly or as what i like to call her "Silly Lilly"...Silly Lilly you have my heart and i am so proud of you and your successes and many more to come!